Marble as a material for stairways

Marble has always been the first choice as a valuable material for use in residential and commercial buildings. It has been a sought-after material because of its resistance, stability, durability, strength and of course, beauty.

If we peep into the history, we come to know that ancient civilizations frequently utilized marble in the construction of their palaces, churches, monuments, buildings and statues. This precious natural stone is commonly used for flooring, backsplashes, countertops and staircase steps and treads.

What is a staircase design?

It basically consists of a sequence of risers and treads. Risers are the part your toe bumps and treads are the sloping part between intermittent steps. Risers and treads must be structured flat, clean, dry, sound and smooth. They may be interior or exterior applications. When designing staircases and steps, it is really critical to make sure that the dimensions of risers and treads are regular.

The steps of the staircase must be even and smooth because uneven staircase steps can usually cause people trip up. In order to fashion uniform steps evenly, you are required to divide up the total height of the stairs to define the height of each riser. Stair risers are normally custom fabricated from large stones like marble but occasionally are simply cut from field tiles while the stair treads are generally custom fabricated from large stones like marble.

Use of marble for stair risers and treads in increasing day by day

Due to its enormous beauty, marble is frequently used for making risers and treads in stairs. Let me tell you an interesting fact about the materials. Some materials are ‘semi weathering’ or ‘weathering’, which shows that they will change their color when they are used outside. While on the other hand, some materials are called ‘unfading’ means that these materials would be able to sustain their original color even after several years. A marble stone’s weathering characteristic is primarily an aesthetic consideration. To create a classic and unique impression, some architects select the classic design element of a grand staircase as a centerpiece in foyers.

According to the experts, people usually design their own stairways to compliment their own style, preference and the taste. It’s like the saying, ‘’It’s not just in how the stairways look but what matters is how it is being created and crafted’’.

How to maintain marble stairs?

It is quite obvious for any material to lose its shine with the passage of time and same is the case with marble. However, the restoring process of marble is quite amazing and the results are just stunning. You can easily bring back the shine and gloss of marble if you apply the perfect tools like grinders.

The other important thing is to keep the stairs clear from the foreign elements such as dirt, grit etc. these elements can cause small scratches on the marble surface which become prominent and clear overtime. So, it is good to keep the stairs clean with the help of damp cloth, soft broom or vacuum cleaner on regular basis.

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