Marble to add beauty and elegance to bathroom

A bathroom is an important section of a house, be it residential or commercial. Bathrooms are place for refuge and serenity. Everybody wants to have a sophisticated looking home especially in their bathrooms. Not all of us have enough money to decorate our bathrooms. So, what should we do? Should we only dream about luxurious bathrooms and just watch them once in a life time somewhere in a hotel or may be in a royal guest house. You need not to worry about it. You can decorate your bathrooms and make them look luxurious and royal only by installing marble. The aesthetics are the first place to start with marble tiles, seeing as they’re so striking and make such an impact on the décor of a bathroom.

Using marble vanities

Traditional vanities made out of wood but having marble counters add to the elegance of the bathroom. These are the most used surfaces in any bathroom and all of us know that cleaning marble vanities is quite easy and they also don’t go out of style. Since marble is available in various colors so you can make a good contrast with it. White marble makes a great bathroom style if combined with gray or black color. It enhances the appearance of the bathroom and imparts a luxurious feel.

Using marble showers

Slabs of marble are perfect solutions for bathroom showers. The reason is that they are able to hold up large amounts of water. Besides, these slabs are available in various colors and patterns. Apart from that, they require low maintenance and easy to clean.

Using marble cabinets

These marble cabinets offer a mesmerizing and unique look. These are carved intricately. However these are quite expensive so you can go with wooden cabinets with marble counters. They are quite low in price but they bring an aesthetic feel due to the presence of marble counters.

Using marble tubs

Marble bath tubs are an attractive and impressive addition to your bathroom because their visual weight and solid form commands respect and attention. Marble is the prime choice for fountains, sin basins and bathtubs because it is durable, strong, water resistant and easy to fabricate.  Another reason is that the marble can be carved into any design or shape.


Final thought

Marble is such a remarkable natural stone offering too many uses both in the traditional and modern bathrooms. It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance overtime. You just need to get the marble polished and it regains its natural gloss and shine.

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