Ways to select Marble

There are 5 easy ways to select the right Marble

▪     THE COLOUR – When it comes to the selection of marble, colour of the stone is the FIRST decision you must make. It is important that the colour of the marble matches your home/office space’s interior design scheme and your personal taste. We suggest, keep the colour as your main focus while selecting any Imported Marble. Moreover, every colour sends a unique message and sets a different ambiance in your room.

▪     THE STONE TYPE – Once you know what kind of colour you need, you must fix your decision on what type of imported stone you’re looking for. There are various categories such as marbles, travertines, onyx and granites. Each of them, has different properties and can be used for different types of setup – for example – Travertine is an excellent choice when it comes to bathroom designing, column decoration and outside wall cladding.

▪     THE VEINS – After colour and stone type, it is important to decide the pattern on the stone you wish to choose. Decisions such as what type of book-matched lot you’re looking for, or what percentage of mix in colours you’re looking for should be made here. It is advisable to consult your interior designer at this particular step.

▪     THE LOT & LESS WASTAGE – In order to have consistency in the design and have seamless pattern in your flooring or walls, you must buy all the slabs from the same lot. This will give you best book-matching results and reduce your wastage while laying tremendously.

▪     SIZE AND THICKNESS : Select appropriate size of marble slab for your desired application. With minimum joints we get the more perfect and elegant look of the marble. Also it is good to have uniform thickness throughout the slab. Non uniform thickness may result in voids under marble in future and may result in damages in the area where thickness is less.

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