Wooden flooring or marble flooring?

Some might consider it as comparing apple to oranges, but we are not comparing both we are just helping to you to list the features of each of the flooring material and its appropriate application. It will help you to make right decision, while choosing the flooring as per your need.

Marble Wooden Flooring
Raw Material Marble is a type of rock composed of re-crystallized material most commonly limestone. The white marble comes from the most pure form of limestone. Colors and veins in the marble arise when other materials are present in the earth crust along with limestone. Marble gives soft look and provides elegance to the modern era structures. Wooden flooring is available as hardwood flooring, laminated flooring, engineered flooring, bamboo flooring. Here we write about hardwood floors made from the hardwood. Solid hardwood floors come in a huge range of styles and each plank is made of solid wood from a single piece of timber.
Implementation Raw Material To implement marble flooring in any area, you would need marble stone, Coarse Sand, Ordinary Cement, White Cement, Pigment and Polishing Material. Marble stone is laid on the base coat with 20 mm thick cement mortar 1:3 and joint should be filled with cement mixed with pigment. After curing it should be polished. The hardwood flooring is implemented on top of another floor which could be cemented base floor or other type of flooring. For example, in a completely new area base coat should be compacted concrete base. Once the sub floor is ready, the flooring vendor usually provides installation along with the material.


Style/Finishing –     Polished Finish

–     Hone Finish

–      Sand or abrasive finish.

–     Oil-modified urethane

–     Moisture-cured

–     urethane treatment

–     Water-based urethane treatment

–     Penetrating Sealers

Maintenance –     Marble are easy to maintain and can be re-polished if you need to bring the shine back.

–     Marble is a porous material so if strong stain material is spilled on marble, it is recommended to wipe it quickly so that the marble does not absorb the stain.

–     For general maintenance you just need to wipe off the marble to remove the stains.

–     Polishing can be done after years to bring back the shine.

–     Wooden flooring is mostly endangered by moist/wet conditions so remove the water from the floor as soon as possible.

–     For cleaning you can use vacuum cleaner and slight mop or damp mop daily to remove the dirt and grit.

–     Don’t drag the furniture’s on he flooring, just try to lift them to avoid the scratches.

–     Wooden flooring is also susceptible to discolouring and can catch stain so such material should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Advantages –     Marble flooring is known for its superior, royal and decorative appearance. It is considered a style symbol.

–     Marble flooring is durable.

–     Marble with matte finishes makes high quality kitchen counter tops exceptionally.

–     Marble is also known for its’ versatility in the art a from sculptures to monuments and from wall tiles to floor tiles.

–     Cool surface of marble tiles can be quite pleasant and comfortable underfoot during the summers.

–     Marble flooring is very easy to maintain and requires occasional sweeping and polishing.

–     Wooden flooring creates warmth in the flooring as it does not get cold in colder temperatures making it ideal for low temperature areas.

–     Wooden flooring looks luxurious and cozy and if merged with other type of flooring can give a designer look to a room

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