Functional, artistic, Luxurious: Make marble yours too

Smooth, luxurious, opulent and strong – these are some of the adjectives which come to mind when describing marble. Marble is about those priceless life-sized statues, where the artist appears to have encased the very essence of his model in stone. Picture that impressive double-staircase with the marble rails and steps all elegantly gleaming, reminiscent of palaces fit for royalty.

In geological terms, marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock (most commonly limestone) which is made of recrystallized carbonate minerals. But the sheer beauty and strength of this stunning natural stone goes much deeper than technical descriptions.

Marble is most frequently used for the structural and aesthetic enhancement of buildings. It has also been used as the base material for artistic sculptures, dating back to ancient times. Marble has been used to create some of the most prestigious masterpieces in history, including Michelangelo’s impressive Renaissance sculptures, the Pietà and the David.

The marble hailing from Carrara in Tuscany, Italy is among the most prestigious in the world. This white or blue-grey marble is highly prized for its superior quality. In fact, the Carrara quarries remain today the most productive marble quarries of the world, where around one million tons of marble are removed, largely for export.

Artistic and structural use of Carrara marble specifically, dates back to the time of Ancient Rome and has a long and distinguished role in the development of the province of Massa di Carrara. In fact, the eminent Basilica and also the Ducal Palace of Massa were used to showcase the precious stone.

Outside of Carrara, a number of historic landmarks across the globe were constructed or embellished with the impressive marble. A quick scan of such a list, includes the Pantheon (Italy), Marble Arch (United Kingdom), Manila Cathedral (Philippines), Prem Mandir (India), Oslo Opera House (Norway), Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Emirates), Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial (France), Peace Monument (USA) and also the Akshardham (India).

Through Millenium Marble, you can include that very same imported Carrara marble into your kitchen, hallway, bathroom or lounge!

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